Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Guest Posting at Sweet Turtle Soup

Happy Tuesday!

I'm excited to be guest posting over at Courtney's blog today, so you should pop on over there to check it out!  Love her blog, and I'm happy to have gotten to know her!

Sweet Turtle Soup

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Oh Hey Friday!

I've been missing the 5 on Friday linkups lately, so this week, I'm linking up with Karli at September Farm to share some of my favorite random things.


1. Summer reading
I'm a big fan of the Bachelor and Bachelorette, so recently I picked up a copy of Courtney Robertson's book from our library.  If you watched Ben's season, then you're familiar with Courtney, and she seemed like kind of a b*tch on the show.  After hearing Reality Steve's review of it, I'm looking forward to reading about 'behind the scenes' stuff and getting her perspective.  A fun summer read :)

2. Diagon Alley
Most people know I'm a big Disney fan, but I'm also a huge fan of Harry Potter.  Recently, Diagon Alley opened up at Universal Studios in Orlando, and it looks A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!  I can't get over how detailed everything is, and I especially love the Hogwarts train that travels between the 2 parks.  I think a trip for Scott and I will be in order next year :)

3.  Wunderlist
This is my most favorite app at the moment, and it's definitely helped me stay on top of all my to-do lists.  It's available for both Android and Apple devices, and syncs with the website too.  You can set reminders, due dates, sub-tasks, and can even attach photos to a particular item.  One of my favorite parts is the 'Today' list, which pulls anything due on today's date from all of your lists, and puts it in one list.  I'm not a paper and pen gal, so this app is perfect!

4.  Budweiser Margaritas
Have you tried one of these??  They're so, so good, and one of my new favorite summer drinks.  Super convenient and oh-so-yummy over ice, I love them!  My favorite flavors are the original and the mango.  I would definitely suggest picking some up and drinking one while relaxing on your porch (or deck, or whatever outdoor space you have).

5.  My munchkin
I love that I get to spend my Fridays with my little cutie.  Lately, I've been missing her quite a bit and I don't get enough time with her when I get home from work, so this day is very appreciated.  
Hope you all have a great weekend!
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Harveys Summer Sale

A while back, I professed my love of purses, and one brand in particular.  If you haven't heard of Harveys Seatbelt Bags, go check them out now!  I own quite a few of the bags and cannot sing their praises highly enough.  They are so well built and still look brand new after 4+ years.  Right now they're having their annual summer sale, so head on over and browse through all the lovelies they have. :) 

I'm loving the color of this wallet - I have one in this size and it's the perfect size clutch, since my phone fits inside.


Harveys makes quite a few Disney bags also, and I adore this Ariel one!


Happy Shopping!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday

Since I work in and around computers all day, every day, I wanted to start a semi-regular series revolving around technical tips.  I've worked in IT for 8 years now and since I get random questions from friends and family on occasion, I thought this might be of benefit.

Tech Tip #1

I'm not sure how many of you use Internet Explorer as your main browser, but sometimes you may run into issues viewing a website, or get some sort of funny error.  The first thing you want to try is deleting temp files and cookies from the browser.  To do this in IE (Internet Explorer), click on Tools (or the little gear icon) near the top right corner, and select 'Internet Options'.  

Depending on what version of IE you have, yours might look a little different, but you should see a Delete button, like the one below.  Select this and you will go into another window.

Make sure you select the Temporary Internet Files and Cookies checkboxes, and if you want, you can select History also.  Depending on if you want to save login information to your bookmarked sites (like username and password info that is automatically entered), you can select the top box to 'Preserve Favorites website data' also.  Click delete, and then close all IE windows and open a new one.  Hopefully this will take care of whatever issue you were running into.

(This won't delete any of your bookmarks, or anything else important with those 2 boxes checked,
so don't be afraid to click that button :)

Have any questions about this tip, or any other IT questions in general?  Ask away!

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer Bucket List - Water Play

Happy Friday!  It's yet the end of another week, and that means more summer bucket list fun!  

Last week, we went to the local pool and took Reese there for the first time.  She was definitely unsure of the water for a good 15 minutes, but once she started splashing she was happy as a clam!  Since then, we've been back a few times, and she's also in swim lessons a few nights a week, so she's all about the water now.  We ask her if she wants to go swimming, and she'll yell 'wimming!'  I love that she's a water baby, and I'm looking forward to when she a bit older and we can take her to a waterpark!

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