Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Day Off [It's the Little Things]

I had an unexpected day off yesterday, so Reese and I took advantage of this Mommy/daughter time.

One of her favorite things to do is play out in the snow.  This is the first winter she's been out, and sadly, we've only been able to get out a couple of times, due to the crazy cold temperatures we've been having.  Thankfully, today was around 25 (heat wave!), so we bundled up and headed out.  

I know I loved snow as a kid, so it's so fun to see her play in it outside.  Between walking up and down the driveway when I was shoveling, to wanting to "sit in the snow!", to "Mommy make a snowball", we had lots of fun. :)  I chose to not take any pictures this time since I just wanted to enjoy my time spent with her.  Being a blogger, you tend to want to photograph everything, but sometimes it's just nice to put the camera or phone down and just savor the moment.  

After a little convincing (she did NOT want to go inside), we went back into the house and I had an idea to build a fort.  I hadn't yet done this with her yet, but Courtney's post on IG the other day made me think of the idea, and she loved it!  I have to say, my fort-building skills need some work, but it worked for this time.  Also, clothespins help.  

All in all, it was a great day off and it's days like these that make my heart so full.  I love this little girl so much and being her Mommy is the best thing in the entire world.

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

Mondays are never fun, are they?

Hope you all had a great weekend!  I haven't done a weekend recap in a while, so here goes!

On Friday, little miss and I spent the day together (I work from home on Fridays), and we ventured to the library.  We hadn't been there in quite a while, and it was a nice way to get out of the house.  I think both Reese and I are ready for warmer weather - it stinks that I can't take her outside much due to these cold temperatures.  Boo.  

Anyway, back to Friday.  She talked about going to the 'li-berry' all morning, so she was pretty excited :)  She was very happy to run around and play with the different toys there.  We looked at a few books too, but mostly she just wanted to play.  We spent a little bit of time there, then checked out some books before we headed home.  After afternoon naps (for both of us :), Scott came home and we spent the rest of the day doing our normal routine of dinner, playing, and then bed.

On Saturday, the 3 of us decided to head to Costco in the morning.  We needed a few things and Reese LOVES to shop (wonder who she gets that from?)  She loved riding in the cart and trying a few of the samples.  We had a quick lunch at Macs and then it was home for a nap.  After she took a wonderful 3 hour nap :), we watched some Daniel Tiger, did some puzzles, and ended the night with a bath (her favorite!).

On Sunday, we went to church and I'm continually impressed by how well she does there.  She whispers almost the whole time, and as long as she has a few toys/books and a snack, she's a happy camper.  After church, we came home and played ("Mommy, come play with you!" is a common phrase heard around here).  

Being silly :)

After lunch, it was another nap for little miss, and when she woke up, we went for a short walk.  Although it was sunny all weekend (yay!), it was still pretty cold.  We bundled her up and put her in the stroller, and she was very excited to be outside.  She didn't want to go home. :)  I love our family walks and I am SO looking forward to warmer weather so we can do this daily.  It's definitely one of my favorite things to do as a family during the warmer months.

Going backwards to stay out of the wind!

That about wraps up our weekend - how was yours?

Happy (or not) Monday!

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Spring Things

I am ready for winter to be over.

Lately we've had crazy cold weather, so we can't even go outside to play in the snow.  Boo!  I've over these single digit temps and so ready for spring.  

necklace | earrings | scarf | top | jeans | flats | tote

These are my top picks for a cute and casual spring outfit.  I'm loving that flowy top, and that adorable flower tote.  Can't forget a pair of comfy jeans and flats!  My favorite thing has to be that necklace though.  I just recently came across noonday, and if you haven't heard of it, I encourage you to check it out!  It's a company that provides women in other countries with jobs and opportunities to better their families.  I love companies like this that directly help others in need.  Similar to TOMS.  Love them too :)  

Maybe wishful thinking will help bring spring here sooner.... but probably not.

What are some of your favorite spring things?

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Marriage & Parenting

Today I'm joining up with Stephanie for her Mom Talk series.  You can find my first post about keeping toddlers entertained indoors, here.

Today's topic is something I have actually been thinking about for quite a while now.  How in the heck do you balance romance and kids?  I've found this to be a struggle ever since my daughter was born.  No longer could we just decide to go to dinner together, or stay up late watching a movie. 
(The staying up late part was still there, only this time with a crying baby - definitely not as fun as a movie!)

Having a child was the most awesome, emotional, and life-changing thing that I've ever experienced. (guessing the same goes for many of you other mamas :)  However, our marriage became a whole different ballgame.  While we definitely grew closer, that first year was TOUGH.  Not going to lie, there were many arguments.  Chalk it up to sleep deprivation and learning how to care for this new little person that needed us all the time.  No one can prepare you for being a first time parent, so you just have to roll with it and do the best you can.  

Nowadays, my daughter is 2, so still not completely independent, but she definitely doesn't need us all the time either.  Once she goes to bed for the night, the hubby and I get to have our time together.  Most nights we'll clean up from dinner, tidy the house or do some quick cleaning, and take care of other things that need to be done.  Then we usually sit and watch an episode of a show together, or sometimes just sit and talk.  This is one of my favorite parts of the day, since it's just us, and we get to be Scott and Jamie, and not just Mommy and Daddy.  Even though we may sit and watch a show, it's the being together part that matters to me.  Another reason why I planned a date every month for the rest of this year and gave it to Scott for Valentine's Day :)  (I borrowed Elizabeth's idea; thanks girl!)

We still struggle with finding enough time for 'us' while still taking care of everything else in our lives.  Everything seems to come down to balance (see the header under my blog name :), and I still have not mastered this (has anyone?!).  We keep doing the best we can, and hopefully at some point, we will find that happy place where Scott & I have the best marriage ever, and our kid or kids think we're the best parents ever.  (I'm picturing rainbows and sunshine and spontaneously bursting into song...)  For now, we just try and connect with each other every day, and are putting more of an emphasis on taking time away, just the 2 of us ("we can make it if we try.... just the 2 of us... you and I....")


Like I mentioned earlier, I have been thinking about this topic for a while, and this seems like the perfect spot to announce a new series I'm going to be hosting on the blog.  I would love to know how you manage your relationship with your husband, after children entered the picture.  

Starting in March, I will be featuring a fellow blogger every other Monday to talk about their marriage and how they make it work.  I have a few people lined up already, but if you are interested in sharing your story, please let me know!  Either comment below, or feel free to email me (see contact link at the top of the page).  I'm really looking forward to this, and maybe I'll even get some tips to use in my own marriage! :)

Happy Tuesday friends!

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Five on Friday

And we're back to another Friday!  This week has gone way faster than last week, which was very much appreciated.

Onto my top finds for the week....

The Bachelor
I'm a big fan of this show, and I am loving this season!  So much craziness, crying, and drama, especially in this group of girls.  Out of curiosity, I googled Chris' hometown of Arlington, Iowa, and it's less than a 3 hour drive from me.  Roadtrip?? :D

I'm currently looking for a new big tote bag that I can take to work (and that can fit my planner!)  I love this Michael Kors tote, although it's a bit out of my price range right now.  I also love that it will be able to fit toddler necessities too, like toys, snacks, and the occasional Duplo.  

Have any of your heard of the bar method?  I've been trying to find some new workout videos to try. (Jillian Michaels are my favorite ones :)  I'm intrigued by this, especially since it supposedly gives you more of a dancer's body.  I did ballet and dance team and such when I was younger, so I'd love to get back to how I felt when I was doing all that.


Is anyone else excited for the Oscars??  Normally I'm not that big into award shows, but I always enjoy the opening number/monologue.  I'm SO excited that Neil Patrick Harris is hosting this year.  If you've never seen him host before, he is amazing!  I can't get over how talented he is.  Definitely watch this video if you have a few minutes- it's worth it!

I'm kinda over winter by now.  We've gotten to play in the snow a few times, and I'm good with that.  I'm so ready to see green grass and flowers again!  This picture is my ideal decorating style - lots of white, sunlight, and flowers.  Now I just need to go get myself some flowers!  Bring on spring!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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