Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Life with 2 - An Update

A while back, I posted about our life with 2 kids, and how things have changed around here.  Now that Charlotte is 4.5 months old, I wanted to share an update.

I've been back to work for about a month and half now, and it's been going fairly well.  It's nice having a set routine during the week, and everyone has adjusted pretty well to that.  Our typical morning starts with Scott and I both getting ready, and then he'll wake up Reese and get her ready, while I change and feed Charlotte.  He then takes both kids to meet my mom and I head to work.  It doesn't always go smoothly, but like I mentioned, the routine is good for all of us.  Reese really enjoys going to my mom's house, and Charlotte is just happy all the time, so I assume she likes it too. :)

Charlotte is doing really well, and is a pretty easy baby (knock on wood).  When we all get home, she often nurses and then takes a cat nap right around 6/6:15.  She gets set down more often than I'd like (in her swing, on her play mat, etc), but whenever she fusses, either Scott or I will hold her for a bit, while making dinner, or helping Reese with something.  She's usually then ready for bed around 8:00 or so, which works out really well since Reese goes to bed right around that time (usually lights out by 7:30).  Charlotte usually then sleeps til about 3 (sometimes 5) before waking to nurse and then she snuggles in next to me for the rest of the night.  Reese has been sleeping better at night and I think is down to maybe one wake up.

Reese LOVES her sister and always gives her hugs and kisses and I love it.  So far, we haven't dealt with any negative comments or actions directed towards her sister, so I'm really happy about that.  Reese loves making her laugh, and if you've come across any of my snapchats, you may have seen a few instances.  Charlotte loves watching her and hearing her laugh is my favorite thing ever.

The only real struggles right now mostly stem from Reese and generally being a 3 year old.  She's great 95% of the time, but sometimes the whining or not listening really gets to me.  I try and remember that she's only 3, and not an adult, which helps when I get frustrated at times.  If only she could cut out the whining, we'd be golden.

Overall, I think we've settled in as a family of 4 pretty well.  If there's one thing that I'm struggling with, it's mommy brain!  I remember this after having Reese, but I am constantly forgetting things and it's so annoying!  Thankfully I have post it notes and a planner to write things down, which definitely helps.  I think Scott gets frustrated though when I don't remember something he told me :)

I love this stage of life and while I'm anxious for all the milestones, I'm really just enjoying them right now.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

5 on Friday

Oh hey, it's Friday!

This week has been a long one and I'm happy to have the weekend to recharge and (hopefully!) relax.
We don't have too many plans, so it'll be nice to play with the kids, and just spend some quality downtime together. 

1. I'm trying to use my 'good' camera more so I can get better shots, and I came across this site a while ago.  It has some really good tips for shooting, and it's really easy to understand.  I'm thinking about getting some of the cheat cards he has too, which will let me see what settings are best for all types of situations.

2. Our Disney trip is coming up, and I could not be more excited!  Our MagicBands are on their way, and while I'm still tweaking our park plans, pretty much everything is set!  I'm ready to start packing :)

3. I have kinda been on a decluttering/getting rid of stuff kick, and lately that's included my clothes.  Evey time I come across something I don't like or is uncomfortable, I pitch it into our donation basket.  While I love getting rid of things, it's left me in a conundrum, as I really don't have many work-type clothes left.  Since we can wear jeans now, I'm focused more on nice shirts and sweaters, and I need to do some clothes shopping (ugh).  I haven't bought any new clothes in a really long time, so I'm looking for recommendations.  I'm basically after nice, quality tops that will last and won't break the bank.  Any ideas?

4. I came across this article yesterday and it brought tears to my eyes.  There are so many people that have lost a baby, and what this one mom did is amazing.  I think these bears are such a great idea and this would make such a meaningful gift for someone who has lost a little one.  I'm almost 30 and still like stuffed animals, so I can understand having something tangible to hold and sleep with, that symbolizes a baby in heaven.

5. Don't forget that you can still share your Valentine's recipe and link up with us through the end of the month!  There's been quite a few yummy looking ones shared already!  These are some of my favorites!

Running from the Law

A Little Bit of Me

Macke Monologues

Pumpkins & Pearls

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Foodie for a Year - Valentine's Recipe

Welcome to our first Foodie for a Year linkup!

I'm so excited to see what everyone will be sharing today!

I'll be honest, it took me quite a while to come up with a Valentine's themed recipe for our first linkup!  I finally settled on homemade pop-tarts, because who doesn't love those??

I love this recipe for 2 reasons - it's delicious (duh), and it's super simple and something kids can help you make.  We don't keep pop-tarts in the house that often, so I love that this is a somewhat 'healthier' version with only a few ingredients.

Homemade Pop-Tarts
Adapted from allrecipes

1 package refrigerated pie crust
Jam/jelly of your choosing
2 cups powdered sugar
2 tbsp milk
1/2 tsp vanilla Extract

1. Preheat oven to 425.
2. Roll out the pie crust to make it more square than round.  Cut crust into equal size rectangles.
3. Spread the jelly on one side of the crust, without going completely to the edge.
4. Top with another rectangle, and crimp the edge with a fork to seal.
5. Place on parchment paper and bake in the oven for about 7-9 minutes, or until the crust starts to turn golden brown.
6. Let cool, and mix together the powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla extract to make your frosting.  Once pop-tarts are cooled, top with frosting and sprinkles if you wish.

And there you have it!  A festive treat for the kiddos (or yourself) and something that only takes a minimal amount of effort.

Make sure you linkup with us below and share your Valentine's recipe this month!

Courtney, Jamie, Elizabeth, Sarah, Whitney and I all look forward to seeing your posts!

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Friday, January 29, 2016

Four Months

How this girl is 4 months, I don't know.  With the second kid, time is just flying by and I want it to stop!

Charlotte is still the most content baby ever.  She usually only fusses when she gets hungry or tired, and even then she doesn't really cry much.  She's still nursing like a champ and eats every 3-4 hours or so.  She talks to us more and more, but still is pretty quiet and chill.  I love love love being her Mommy and wish I could just snuggle her all the time!  This age is so much fun!

Happy 4 months little girl!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Day in the Life - Winter 2016

Time for another day in the life post!  This year, I hope to complete all 4, so we'll see how that goes.  I decided to record a typical work day instead of a weekend this time, for my own records.

Day: Monday, January 25, 2016
Scott is 35 years old
I am 29 years old
Reese is 3 years, 1 month old
Charlotte is 4 months old

3:30 am - Wake up to Charlotte making noises and see she's trying to roll over.  She's been asleep since about 9, so pick her up from her bassinet and nurse her.  Go back to sleep.

5:30 - Wake up again to he shifting around and nurse her more.  About 10 minutes later my phone rings (on vibrate thankfully) since I'm on call for work.

5:55 - Get out of bed and call back the person who left me a voicemail.  Start getting ready for the morning.

6:10 - Scott comes in and starts getting ready too.

6:20 - Finish getting dressed and get my backpack ready, along with the diaper bag. 

6:25 - I gently rouse Charlotte to change her diaper and put some pants on her (she sleeps in a onesie and woombie).  

6:33 - Remember that I want to record notes for day in the life, and take a quick screenshot of my phone.

6:40 - Nurse her, but she doesn't seem too interested since she just ate an hour ago.  Put her in her carseat and tell her 'bye' :)  Also say good morning to Reese and snap a few pictures.

6:50 - Grab all my bags (currently 4- backpack, purse, pump bag, and milk cooler) and head out.  Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work I go!

7:12 - Glance at my podcast list and settle on a Touring Plans one.  I know I don't branch out much, but I enjoy these :)

7:25 - Arrive at work and get settled.  Fill my water bottle, toast my English muffin, and go through emails.

8:01 - Things start getting crazy.  I work for an accounting firm and this week is pretty much the beginning of 'busy season' AKA tax season, plus it's a Monday.

8:02 - 10:15 - Pretty much on the phone this whole time, fixing things like VPN connectivity, emails not updating, etc.  Because of the snowstorm in the eastern part of the US, a lot of our employees are working from home, which means they need extra help. :-P  Also text my mom a bit about the kids.

10:33 - Head upstairs to pump.  First of 2 pumping sessions for the day.  Read a few pages from this monster book :)  

11:05 - Back at my desk.  Pick up where I left off before pumping.

11:38 - Didn't bring a lunch today, so debate where I want to go.  Subway maybe?

12:13 - More work.  Nothing too exciting.  Also glance at my Disney travel plans.  I LOVE planning Disney vacations, so I go over our touring plans and tweak some things.

12:30 - Lunch time!  Run to Subway quick to get a veggie sub.  And cookies.

12:45 - Back at my desk to eat.  Work work work.

1:46 - Take a break to do some more Disney planning.  We're going to be at the parks for 3 days, and I wish it was longer!  Don't get me wrong, I'm SO excited to go, but I know there's so much we won't get to get to either.  

1:52 - Ah yes, more work.  I have quite a few pictures and quotes at my desk, and this is one of my favorite ecard sayings I printed out.

2:08 - Get a text from my mom that Reese isn't asleep yet.  Also, apparently she said this gem to my mom today: "Grandma, you know what? Sleeping is hard."  That kid cracks me up.  Catch up on a few more tickets.

2:33 - Pumping session #2.  Also to note- we can now wear jeans to work!  Super excited about this.

3:05 - Finish up a few things before I leave for the day.  Fill up water bottle for the 3rd time.  I drink so much more water when I'm at my desk and it's readily available, compared to when I'm at home with the kids.

3:45 - Time to go!  Leave work with my multitude of bags.

4:21 - Get home, check mail, and bring all my stuff in.  Quickly make the bed because I didn't have time to this morning, and I don't like when it's not made.

4:35 - Scott and the girls get home.  Say hi to Reese and Charlotte is asleep but wakes up within minutes. 

4:50 - Put my milk in the freezer and have a snack while saying hi to Charlotte.  Scott works on a computer for a friend.  And yes we still have our Christmas tree up.  Haven't had time to put it away yet. #reallife

5:05 - Throw in a load of laundry, and put a few things away.  Reese plays with her toys.  

5:15 - Feed Charlotte while Scott gets some firewood.  Reese then watches him build a fire.

5:40 - Start to get Reese's dinner together.  Scott gets together with friends on this night, so usually it's leftovers.  Tonight it's fish, corn, and mac 'n cheese.

5:55 - Reese sits down to eat while I take Charlotte to go change her diaper.  Holy messy!  It leaked out onto her pants kind of everywhere and was pretty gross.

6:10 - Took a while to get her cleaned up.  Restart washer (diaper laundry) and put Charlotte in a sleep sack for her 4th nap of the day.

6:20 - Charlotte puts herself to sleep, so I go sit with Reese while she finishes eating.  Have some leftover broccoli cheese quinoa for myself.

6:35 - Reese is done; get her cleaned up so she can go play some more.  A few minutes later she said she has to go to potty.

6:45 - Sit her on the potty and let her watch Curious George.  We've been working on going poop in the potty, so this is good.

7:00 - She still hasn't gone, so I tell her she gets a few more minutes but then it's time to get ready for bed.  Charlotte wakes up so I get her and bring her into Reese's room.

7:10 - She didn't go, but that's ok.  Wash hands, brush teeth, put on diaper and jammies.  She picks a book and I sit both girls on my lap while we read.  

7:30 - Lights out, and we all rock together for a bit.  I tell Reese a story (usually about her day), and I sing a song.  Charlotte starts getting antsy, so Reese goes in bed and I take Charlotte into our room.

7:40 - Reese needs to be tucked in again and another 'friend' aka stuffed animal to sleep with.  I get the one she's asking for and tell her goodnight.

7:45 - Charlotte wants to nurse so we lay down on the bed while I turn on one of my shows on my iPad to watch.  

8:05 - Reese is asleep, Charlotte still suckling.

8:15-8:45 - Charlotte doses off but still wants to suck, so I stay next to her.  One of my favorite parts of the day.

8:50 - She wakes up and I play with her a bit.  I know it's her bedtime soon, so we talk and laugh and smile.  

9:10 - I start getting her ready for bed.  Change diaper, put on onesie, and into her woombie she goes.  (best swaddle ever!)

9:25 - Lights out, and I pick her up and bounce her a bit until she falls asleep.  She's out by 9:30, so I put her in her bassinet.

9:40 - Sit in the living room for myself for a few minutes, just decompressing.  Put my show back on (The Chew in case you're curious) and watch for a bit.

9:50 - Scott gets home and I start doing dishes.

10:15 - We chat for a bit and Charlotte stirs.  Scott goes in and puts her back to sleep quickly.

10:30 - Scott showers while I catch up on notes for the day

10:50 - My turn to shower.  

11:15 - In pajamas and very tired.  Normally we go to bed around 10:30/10:45 but since he didn't get home until late, it's a later night.  Talk for a few more minutes before bed.

11:30 - Off to bed.  Goodnight!

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