Thursday, October 23, 2014

San Diego Vacationing - Day 4

This is probably the longest vacation recap ever, so apologies for dragging it out. :)  I'm hoping to get this wrapped up in the next week or two!\

If you missed the first few days of our vacation, check here, here, and here.

We woke fairly early again Sunday morning, around 6, and proceeded to get ready for the day.  We went down to the lobby around 7 to get some yummy free coffee.  Another trip to the grocery store was had, and back to the hotel pool area to munch on some breakfast.  After some yummy food, we decided to go to Coronado Island for a bit.

Morning coffee and milk with my munchkin
Last time that Scott and I were in San Diego, we took the ferry over, so this time we drove over the (very high!) bridge.  It was quite a bit easier this way since we had a toddler and then could bring our car over there with us.  We found a parking spot near the Hotel del Coronado and took out the stoller to do some walking.  I should mention that Reese fell asleep in the car by the time we were on the bridge, so Scott moved a sleeping little girl from the carseat to the stroller without waking her.  Quite a feat, and I was very impressed that she stayed sleeping.

We walked along the beach while she slept, and looked at the various houses in the area.  So many of them looked super nice, and I wanted to look up prices for curiosity's sake, but I forgot.  About an hour of sleep, little miss woke up so we decided to make our way down by the ocean.  Oh what a mistake!

First, we picked the longest stretch of sand in the area to walk over (not the best idea), and of course the sand was super hot since it was about 11:30 at this point.  Mistake #1.  As we're getting closer, Reese keeps saying 'loud!' about the waves.  I told her it was ok, it wasn't that loud, and she'd get to see the water.  Should've turned around at this point.  Mistake #2.  We get a little ways away from the waves, and she's clinging to me like crazy.  Scott ventures near the water while I stayed back near the stroller with Reese.  I put a blanket down (because hot sand!) and sat down with her in my arms.  I think her foot touched some sand and she lost it.  She started crying hysterically and I couldn't really calm her down.  I yelled to Scott that we needed to go, gathered up our stuff (which included a camera bag, backpack, purse and stroller) and hiked back across the sand, all while telling her it was ok, and the beach and ocean were 'all done'.  Once we were back by the sidewalk, she was ok, but we were quite tired.  Hot sun and sand, long sleeve shirt, tons of shit, and a crying toddler makes quite the adventure.  For the rest of vacation, we heard 'beach, all done!'  At least there was a good story, right? :)

The fateful beach
See how far away the water is?!
Picture to commemorate the incident
After that little incident, we made our way back towards the rental car.  We stopped in the hotel on our way out, just to see since it's such a historical and beautiful place.  We were all pretty hungry at this time, since we had been walking so much.  (Just to give you an idea of how much we walked that day, my fitbit showed 22,000 steps aka 9.7 miles).  We piled in the car and decided on In N Out for lunch.  I so wish we had these in the midwest!  It was packed as usual, but we found a table quickly and devoured our burgers and fries.  After full tummies, we went back to the hotel to put Reese down for a nap.  She took such a good nap - 2.5 hours!  I was happy.

We made our way over to the Seaport Village area and browsed the shops for a bit, and took some family pictures during sunset.  I loved this area, and although it was a little 'touristy', I thought it was a great place to wander around, plus we were right near the ocean.  

Rare family photo!

We stopped at Pier Cafe for dinner, again, right on the water.  Such a perfect setting as we watched the sky change colors.  Scott and I went with fish enchiladas, and we got Reese some mac n cheese.  I also had some food pouches with me, so she snacked on those while we waited for our food to come.  
Unfortunately, service here was slow, and we didn't get our food until after 8.  Little miss was getting quite tired at this point, so we had to take turns taking her outside to look at the 'red, blue!' lights.  (These were lights strung up on the USS Midway that for some reason she fixated on).  We ate pretty quickly and then headed back to the hotel.  We made a quick stop in one of the shops so I could buy her something since I felt guilty we were out late.  Retail therapy, right?  She zeroed in on a Pooh stuffed animal, so I bought it for her. :)  Plus she wouldn't let go of it, so there was that.  

Our view at dinner

A quick walk back to the hotel and she was in bed soon after.  Hubby and I had a few cocktails, watched some tv on our Kindles, and headed to bed ourselves.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Almost Halloween! [Countdown to Halloween Linkup]

Hope everyone's October is going well so far; I can't believe we're almost to Halloween!

Thank you all for linking up with us the past 2 weeks - I've loved seeing everyone's fun activities and festive decorations.  If you're new, make sure to check out this post to get the details and then link up with us below!

This past week, we didn't do quite as many 'fall' activities as I would've liked, but we still managed to do a few fun things.  We have a park near our house (literally about a 2 minute walk), and we've been going there most days after dinner.  Reese LOVES to swing, so we plop her in and let her swing to her heart's content.  She's never happy when we leave, but because it's so close, we come back the next day and she's happy again :)

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should!) you might've seen the wreath I made recently.  Crazy easy to make, all you need are these supplies: a grapevine wreath, fall garland, ribbon of your choosing, and a hot glue gun.

Simply lay your garland on the wreath and proceed to glue it on.  Once that's done, you can attach a ribbon or whatever other decorative things you'd like.  I followed this tutorial on how to get a ribbon to look pretty and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  I'd recommend using wire ribbon though, since it would be easier to form, and mine was not.

We also went to the Milwaukee Zoo last week, and it was so nice!  I took off of work on Thursday and headed to my mom's house for the day.  Because the weather was pretty crappy in the morning, we went after Reese's (very short) nap.  We picked the perfect time to go, as there was almost no one there, and ALL the animals were out and about.  It was kind of crazy to walk around with no one there, but also so, so nice!  Now I know the perfect time to go for future trips :)  Check out the awesome colors of the trees!

My sister Abby, Reese, & I - Abby works at the zoo with the sea lions!

That was our week in a nutshell!  I'm excited for this upcoming week, since it includes trick or treating!

Don't forget to grab a button, and link up!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Hello Friday!

Crazy, crazy week, so I'm very excited the weekend is here!  Yesterday was kind of my Friday since I took the day off, but regardless, Friday is here and I'm happy. :)

On to my favorite random-ness for the week!

1. I'm a BIG fan of Scandal, and I think the new collection from The Limited is amazing!  I can picture Olivia wearing everything there, and it's not terribly priced.  I can't afford anything currently, but will be saving my pennies for sure!

2. I always struggle with packing my own lunch and often run out of ideas or containers. I love the idea of this Lunchblox set, since everything snaps together.  I think bento-style lunches are pretty awesome, and this set is perfect for that.  I won't be doing any cute animals or anything for myself (I'm saving that for when Reese is in school), but I think it would definitely help me pack better and healthier lunches.  Plus they have a salad kit, which I love.  Off to Amazon I go!

3. My go-to chap stick is Burt's Bees, but I'm intrigued by this one that I came across recently.  I love that it's all natural, and it claims to be super hydrating, which is something I need.  It's a little expensive for chap stick, but I'm pretty sure I'll be trying it out in the near future. :)

4. This week, we've had crappy, rainy weather, so I was very happy to finally see the sun poke through yesterday afternoon!  Reese and I went to the Milwaukee Zoo with my mom for a few hours, and it was perfect!  I'll share more next week, but for now, I'm sharing this photo of the gorgeous, gorgeous trees that were everywhere!

5. I think my favorite thing about Fridays is having a drink with my hubby after we both get home from work.  I've switched to wine now that cooler weather is here, and it's the perfect way to kick off the weekend.  I toast to you my friends!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

More Fall Fun [Countdown to Halloween Linkup]

Welcome back to the 2nd week of the Countdown to Halloween Linkup!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen a preview of this week's fall fun.

We started off with some pumpkin cookies, which Reese was a big fan of.  Not homemade this time, but still delicious!

I also got the paint out to do mess-free fingerpainting.  I had to go with orange since it was a Halloween-y color. :)  Another hit, so thanks to the gals who gave me the idea!

But the best part of last week, we visiting our local pumpkin patch/farm.  There's a few by us, but the one we went to is about 5 miles from our house, which is awesome.  They had so many different animals, and TONS of activities for kids, so I was really impressed.

We saw a few goats, pigs, cows, bunnies, kittens, chickens, and ducks, and little miss loved them all!  She didn't want to touch any of them though, which was quite funny.  We kept asking her if she wanted to pet the bunnies or kittens, and she'd reply with 'nope'.  She loves my mom's dogs but so far doesn't want to touch any other animals.  At least I know she won't get bit then :)

Notice her pig hat :)

After wandering through the barn, we grabbed some lunch from a food truck (burgers and fries, yum!), while Reese ate some food I had packed for her.  

They had all sorts of other fun play areas, like big tractor tires for kids to climb on, old pots and pans to bang on, a slide, a mini corn maze, and lots more.  Reese played on a few of the tires, and then we went and did the big corn maze.  They actually had trivia at each turn, and you had to pick the correct answer to figure out which way to go.  Kind of a cool idea I think.  It was all related to Wisconsin farming and agriculture, so quite educational. :)

I love this picture :)

After our farm fun, it was back to our house for naptime.  Definitely a perfect day, in terms of family togetherness and weather!

Our family of pumpkins

What activities have you been up to?  Link up with us below!

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