Friday, April 24, 2015


Oh Fridays, how I love you!

We've had a week of miserable, cold and windy weather, and for once, the sun was out yesterday.  I hope it continues into the weekend. and next week, because next week is my birthday!  So I thought I'd take today and share some things on my wish list.  Nowadays, almost everything I want to buy is for Reese, so it took me a bit to come up with this list :)

1. Simple Sugars - another company I discovered on Shark Tank, and have wanted to try their scrubs for a long time!  I'm especially longing after their facial scrubs, as my skin seems to have gotten worse ever since my first pregnancy.  My cheeks are always super dry and flaky and it drives me nuts.  I love all the different kinds they offer, but I think I may have to try the strawberry one first!

2. Willow Tree - I'm not big into little trinkets or figurines, but I absolutely love Willow Tree.  I have that Nativity, and a couple other figures, and this is the latest one on my wish list.  Just seeing this picture almost makes me cry (oh pregnancy hormones...), because I still rock Reese to sleep and it is one of my most favorite things.  I've rocked in our rocking chair so, so many times, and this just evokes those memories for me.

3. Bracelet - I love the Disney Alex & Ani bracelets, and I am very much wanting this birthstone one!  They're so cute and I love that they're made here in the USA.  Plus, they're Disney, so of course I want it! :)

4. Cardigan - I've heard a few moms talk about this Barefoot Dreams brand, and have been coveting quite a few of their items!  Top of my list would have to be this cardigan.  Super versatile, and supposedly crazy soft makes me want one of these badly.  With almost 650 positive reviews, I think it would be money well spent :)  I think even if I don't get this for my birthday, I'm going to treat myself and buy it after baby #2 gets here.  I think it would be great for nursing!

5. iPad mini - Scott and I don't own any iPads currently, but I would love to get a mini!  Right now, I have a Kindle Fire, and while I like it, it doesn't offer many apps, and the browsing is rather clunky.  We just recently switched over from Android phones to iPhones a few months ago, and I'm beginning to embrace Apple products more now.  Being in IT, there's always that debate between Android and Apple, so it feels like we 'gave in' to Apple :)  Even so, I really like the size of the mini and it would be nice to have for travel and entertainment purposes (like watching Scandal!)

Have a great weekend friends!!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's the Little Things: Mocktails with Mommy

The other day, Scott was making himself a cocktail, and per usual, made a mocktail for me (Simply Lemonade raspberry with sparkling water, for anyone wondering :).  He then asked miss Reese if she wanted a 'special' drink too and she replied "Ok!"

He mixed her some orange juice with some strawberry banana juice, and then a little bit of sparkling water.  After doing "cheers!", she took a sip and loved it!  It was a fun little moment for us, and I keep thinking how much I love this age.  I love watching her grow and learn, but sometimes I just want her to stay a certain age forever.

Happy Wednesday!

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Marital Bliss | Ashley from Everything's Hunky Dorey

And we're back to another Monday...  I only have one way to describe that -> :-P

On the bright side, I have another guest post for my Marital Bliss series!  

I've loved having so many ladies contribute to these so far, and I'm happy to have Ashley here today.  Her kiddos are sooo cute, and I don't know how she handles 2 under 2!  Kudos to you girl :)  Take a peek at her answers below, and make sure you stop by her blog too!

Make sure you swing by Ashley's blog and say hello!  I always love reading her posts and I'm sure you will too!

{If you are interested in guest posting for this series, please send me an email!  Info found under my 'Contact' page.}

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Hey-ya Friday!

And now I have that Outkast song stuck in my head :)

Happy Friday all!
The weather this week has been so, SO nice and I'm hoping it continues into the weekend.  Sunshine and 60s - I'll take it!  I love seeing more and more green and I can't wait until the leaves are all back on the trees.  It's the little things :)

I've seen a few new commenters on the blog lately, so I thought I'd take today's Friday 5 to share some fun, little known facts about me!

1. I have a motorcycle license
Yep, that's right.  Now, I've never really driven a motorcycle, unless you count a parking lot, but I do have my license.  My hubby used to have one and we both took the class together.  He sold it a few years back, but I'm sure he'll be getting one again sometime in the next 10 years or so.  He's a Honda guy, not Harley :)

2. I loved high school
I know lots of people hated high school, but I was one of those people who absolutely loved it!  If I could go back and relive any point in my life, I think that would be it.  I had a great group of friends and really liked the majority of my teachers too.  I was involved in lots of activities, so I think that's part of the reason I enjoyed it so much too.  Everything from dance team (my favorite), to band (yep, I was a band geek, I played flute), to musicals, I had so much fun in high school.  Plus it didn't hurt that for our 2 band tours, we went to my two favorite places- Disney World and Hawaii. :)  Sure, there was drama with friends and boys sometimes, but overall, I look back on that time in my life as a really happy and enjoyable 4 years.

This was just after going on Everest for the first time- one of the few I will go on!
3. I do not like rollercoasters
This was hard when I was younger, since a lot of my friends liked to go to Six Flags on occasion.  Heck no!  The only roller coasters I will go on are the 'mountains' in Disney- Thunder Mt, Space Mt, Everest, etc.  Scott did get me to go to Six Flags once about 5 years ago, and while I did go on some then (only because we were dating and I loved him too much :), it's not my cup of tea.  If Reese likes things like this when she's older, she can go on them with her dad.

4. My birthday is the same day as my parent's anniversary
It's true :)  They had me exactly 2 years after they got married.  I was a big baby too - over 10 lbs.  Thankfully, Reese was only 8.5 lbs when she was born.  I'm hoping this next baby is somewhere around there too.

My old Camry
5. I've never gotten a speeding ticket
*Knock on wood*  I've never been pulled over for speeding, in all of my 12 years of driving.  I have been pulled over, but only because one of my tail lights was out, and the officer was letting me know.  I'm hoping I can maintain my clean driving record for a long time.  I'm not terribly worried about it at any point since I really don't speed, plus it's nice to be able to say.  :)

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and have great weather where you are!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Day in the Life - Spring 2015

I'm so excited to do a day in the life post!  I've been wanting to join in on these for a while, but never knew when they were.  Thanks to Julia, now I know :)  

Day: Friday, April 10, 2015
Scott is 33 years old
I am 28 years old (29 in 18 days!)
Reese is 2 years, 4 months

7:02- Wake up and turn my phone on. See that I have a reminder to record DITL. Check IG and FB. Get up to pee- yay for not having to wake up last night to go.  Today is my day to stay at home with Reese; I love being able to sleep in when she lets me!


7:20- check monitor- Reese is still sleeping and I'm super surprised. She doesn't sleep in often but I love it!  Get back in bed since its cozy and warm, and feeling a little nauseous.  Scott woke up at 6:30 to go for a run on our treadmill.

7:23- I realize I should charge my phone soon since I'll be using it a lot today.  

7:29- Download one of my old apps and check wait times at Disney. Yes I'm a dork. 

7:35- Still in bed. Debating waking little miss so she takes a decent nap later.  Check blog and make sure post went up normally. 

7:46- Pop on Periscope and see if there's anything interesting. See the weather channel recapping tornadoes in IL.  Yikes.  Tune in for a few min. 


7:55- Scott and I chat about his plans for the day. He took off today and is planning to go hiking with a few friends. Check weather forecast.  Hear a yawn from the monitor and then "hi mommy and daddy".  Scott goes in to get her.  Love that she wakes up happy and chatting most of the time.  Also, I don't remember the last time she slept in until almost 8.  Normally she wakes up around 6:30, so I'm a happy mama!

8:03- Go in and say hi, and talk to Scott and Reese.  We rock for a few minutes, and talk about her lights, her messy hair and her blankie. 

8:08- Come out of her room and start making breakfast.  Toast with apple butter for me, half apple butter and strawberry jelly for little miss.  I eat mine while she plays and then she comes by me asking to come up.  Scott makes smoothies for breakfast. 

8:23-8:34- She sits on my lap while she eats and I record notes.  After breakfast, she goes to sit on Scott's lap, as she can't resist when his laptop is open :)

8:45- Put my contacts in and plug my phone in to charge.

8:51- change Reese's diaper and she picks out what she wants to wear for the day.

8:59- She goes and does a puzzle while I put some things away from breakfast.  Scott has to run some errands, one of which is Menards, which Reese LOVES.  

She picked out her "Elsa and snowman" shirt - thanks again Courtney! :)

9:10- Scott is ready and takes Reese with him.  She says 'bye Mommy!' and they leave.  I have the house to myself for a bit (YAY!!) so I decide to tackle some cleaning.  My plan is to pick up toys, put dishes away and finish rest of cleanup from breakfast.

9:23- I get distracted and reply to a few emails instead.  Ok, going to clean now.

9:24-9:50- I brush my teeth, make the bed, and get dressed in my favorite outfit: yoga pants and a sweatshirt.  Grab one of Scott's since my favorite one is in the wash.  Take a selfie since I haven't been in any photos yet.  Wash our Vitamix from this morning's smoothies (love the way this thing cleans!)

9:51-10:04- Wash the sink and mirror in the master bathroom.

10:06- Put on my watch since I haven't done that today yet and I feel naked without one.  Remember that I should probably drink some water since I haven't had any of that yet either.

10:08-10:24- I clean the sink and mirror in 2nd bathroom.  Starving all of the sudden so have a quick snack of cottage cheese. 

10:25- Check work email and reply to a few.

10:27- Scott and Reese are home.  We chat a bit and she plays in her play area.

10:40- Still hungry so I munch on some grapes while I pick up random things and put them away.  Take a picture of this balloon since it's been the longest lasting balloon ever!  It only just today started losing air.

10:45- Reese wants to play with stickers so we sit and do that for a bit.  After she successfully has a sticker on each finger, we go show Daddy.

11:05- Scott's friends get here and they leave shortly after to go do some hiking.  So happy that the sun is out today!  I'm way more productive when that's the case.

11:12- Put on Daniel Tiger for little miss while I check some work stuff.  Text my mom.  Think about what to make her for lunch.

11:27- Restart the laundry (washing cloth diapers) and have a Cadbury egg, yum!  It appears I'm very snacky this morning.  Check out current deals on Zulily while little miss is still preoccupied with her show.

11:35- Start putting her lunch ready.  Today it's raisins, goldfish, and grapes, since she woke up late and had a later breakfast, she's not super hungry.

11:45- I decide to have a picnic in the living room instead of eating at the table.  Put a beach towel down and sit down with Reese to eat.  She loves when we do this :)

12:08- She's done eating and I do some cleanup while she plays.

12:25- I put her in her pack and play for a few minutes, as this is where she's been pooping lately.  (I realize that sounds a bit funny, but it's become her 'spot' :)  Now if only we could get her potty trained!)  Check on her a few minutes later- nothing.  

12:33- Change her diaper and put her jammies on to get ready for her nap.  You can tell when she's tired as she get super silly and wound up.  Not as much today as usual, but still rubbing her eyes.  

12:40- I put on the Feed the Birds song from Mary Poppins and put her in her sleep sack.  (still sleeps in one so she stays warm and can't climb out of her crib :)  We dance while that song plays and she puts her head on my shoulder.  After the song, I put her other music on, turn on her night light and white noise.  We read a few stories from her children's Bible and then it's lights out.  

12:51- We rock and I tell her a story, usually what we did during the day.  She cuddles up on my lap with her blankie, doggie, bunny, and raccoon and we rock until she falls asleep.  We still rock her to sleep for naps, since we guarantee she'll go to sleep, and it's still enjoyable.  It's probably my favorite part of the day.  

1:05-1:25- She falls asleep somewhere in this time frame, and I do too.  Our chair is so comfy!  I put her in her pack n play and quietly close the door.  Make myself a late lunch of pb&j and catch up on the latest episode of Nashville.  Do some work stuff too.

2:20- Finished my episode; definitely one of my favorite shows.  Put away some dishes and go into the bedroom to fold laundry.  My laptop is dying so plug it in for a bit.  I turn on House of Cards on my Kindle while I fold.  I haven't seen this show but have heard lots of good things so decide to check it out.  Bummed that the sun went away and now it's super cloudy and windy.

2:57- Check the monitor; little miss still snoozing away.  Finish putting laundry away and sit on the bed to watch more of the episode.  

3:18- I hear music coming from the monitor.  Reese turned her seahorse on and is waking up.  Let her wake up and babble for a bit before I go get her.

3:35- Go in and pick her up.  We rock for a few minutes before we head out into the living room.  

3:46- Ask her if she wants a snack and she replies with "ok!"  One of her favorite things are venison sticks so I cut one up and she has that with some milk.  Do a few dishes while she eats.

3:57- She's done with her snack.  She gets down and asks to see the plant that's growing.  One of those $1 things from Target that I planted for her.  Daisies I think.  I'm surprised it's actually growing.

4:13- Text Scott to see when he'll be home.  Make a cup of coffee- I often like this in the afternoon instead of the morning.  She goes to play with some toys in her play area.  I love having this in our main living space.  Drink my coffee and watch her play for a bit.

4:28- Take a selfie with her as I keep forgetting to get in pictures.  

4:32- I put on a YouTube video of one of the WDW castle shows.  Watch that for a bit.  Post this picture to Instagram.

4:48- Reese asks to play some games (on my Kindle).  Get it out and look for any new apps.  Find a Daniel Tiger one and download.

4:51- We play on that together for a bit, before it's diaper change time.  Back to the game.

5:14- Take a bump picture- 15 weeks!  Crazy to me how much this belly is growing already.  Kinda makes me scared for what I'm going to look like at 30 weeks+.

5:16- Scott gets home and Reese continues to play on the Kindle.  She's really liking this game.

5:28- We decide that she has had enough screen time and tell her it's time to do something else.  Meltdown ensues.  Normally she doesn't stay upset for very long, but this time it's a good 15 minutes.  She went into our closet to cry.  I had to cover my face so she wouldn't see me laughing.  Normally I'm the one comforting her, but this time it's a little funny. :)  I asked her if she wanted a hug or wanted to play with some other toys.  She stopped crying for a bit when Scott and I hugged and she wanted to come up and hug too.  Set her down and she was upset again.  I tried reading her a book but she still was crying.  Scott went and hid and that worked.  They played hide-and-seek for a bit, which she always enjoys. 

5:40- Scott and I decide we want pizza for dinner.  Easy and quick.  Preheat the oven and he goes downstairs to get one from our basement freezer.

5:52- Finish coffee (I actually enjoy cold coffee :) and put pizza in.  Check IG again and work emails.  Catch up on notes from today.  

6:13- Pizza is done; time to eat!

6:40- Done eating, Reese gets down to play.  Scott and I finish while talking about various plans for the weekend.  

6:51- Bath time!  I ask Reese if she's ready to take a bath.  "Yay bath!!" she says in a loud voice.  Scott turns the water on and fills up the tub while she gets her toys ready.

7:00- He gives her a bath, which basically these days is just watching her while she plays in the tub.  I do dishes and clean up the kitchen.  

7:13- Kitchen is clean, check on them in the bathroom and head into our room to watch some more House of Cards and do some bill paying.  Fridays are pay days!

7:24- Scott and Reese finish up in the bath and I hear them start getting ready for bed in her room.  Finish up bills and head in there.

7:35- Put diaper and jammies on and give her a foot rub.  Strange girl- neither Scott or I like foot rubs but she loves them.  

7:45- We go and brush teeth.  For a while she was pretty good about it, but now she gets super distracted and gets silly and it's very hard to do.

7:50- Daddy is putting her to sleep tonight so hand her to him in the rocking chair and get her her water.  I give her goodnight hugs and kisses and bring her the book she wants to read.  

7:55- I go and empty the bathwater from earlier.  Clean up toys in her play area and back to our bedroom to catch up on notes.  Look up Tigey doll (from Daniel Tiger) on Amazon as she really likes that character and I'd like to get her one.  Find one that looks promising and has good reviews.

8:02- Check Periscope and see if anyone is broadcasting Disney stuff.  Nothing yet.

8:04- Success, found one!  Watching Wishes now :)


8:10- The person ended the broadcast... boo.  

8:12- Poked around on the internet some more and looked for more interesting periscope broadcasts.

8:20- Scott came out of Reese's room and we proceeded to mix a few drinks (mocktail for me of course).

8:30- We both sat out in the kitchen and talked while he fiddled with some flashlights. 

9:05- Shower time!  Both took showers and got into comfy clothes.  

9:30- Caught up on some more notes from the day.  It's a little tiring, but I've enjoyed documenting this.

9:35- Scott called his mom and got his nightly snack.  Triscuits, a few slices of cheese, and a beer. :)  Debating whether I want something to eat too as I'm kinda hungry.

9:45- We sit down together and start watching Hawaii Five-O.  Lots of episodes to catch up on.  

10:15- I decide I do want a snack.  Scott makes me some rice with soy sauce.  Yum!  

10:35- Our show is over.  I show him a few funny YouTube videos before I take my contacts out and brush my teeth.  

10:55- We hear little miss cry out.  Wait a few minutes to make sure she goes back to sleep ok.  

11:00- Scott is being goofy so I snap this photo :)  

11:14- Take one last screenshot before turning phone on airplane mode and climbing into bed.  Good night!

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